April 2016 WHEPMom Workshop

We learned about the benefits of exercise and had a fun 15-minute workout that our expectant and new moms can now do at home. Afterwards, our moms had a great yoga session […]

March 2016 WHEPMom Workshop

At this workshop we learned about healthy pregnancy weight gain and healthy ways to lose weight after birth: drinking lots of water, eating a healthy meal/snack every 2-3 hours, exercising […]

February 2016 WHEPMom Workshop

At our February Workshop today, we learned about baby’s first year of development (nursing, infant reflexes, smiling, crawling, sitting…) and about the environmental safety precautions every mom should be aware […]

January 2016 New Year Celebration

Funded by the CJ Foundation and hosted by FOCUS Learning Academy of Southeast Columbus. Our moms and babies gathered to celebrate the new year in health and happiness, while learning about […]

November 2015 WHEPMom Workshop

During our November meeting, our moms learned about infant mortality and the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Qualified moms received a free Pack’n Play, diapers, wipes, baby clothes, […]

Fashion Show Fundraiser 2015

Fashion, Food and Fun to help raise funds to support moms in our program and help spread the message of safe sleep at The Shops at Worthington Place. Sponsored by […]

First Annual Community Baby Shower (2015)

Funded by the SID Network of Ohio and Kiwanis South Columbus, graciously sponsored by Sunny Street Cafe and hosted by FOCUS Learning Academy of Southwest Columbus. The Annual Community Baby Shower […]